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Buat portofolio saham dengan mudah dan percaya diri, ZFX adalah broker yang tepat!
Kenapa trading saham di ZFX?
Mulai trading dengan 4 langkah mudah
Hanya perlu beberapa menit untuk menyiapkan akun Anda. Berikut adalah caranya
Gunakan metode deposit yang aman sesuai kemauan Anda
Lakukan deposit pertama
Lengkapi formulir pendaftaran yang singkat
Buka akun ZFX
Lindungi dan aktifkan akun Anda dengan memverifikasi detail Anda
Verifikasi detail Anda
Pilih aset favorit dan lakukan trading pertama Anda
Mulailah membangun portofolio Anda
ZFX - More than just trading
Explore some of the bonuses you'll get to enjoy with ZFX.
Trading with ZFX means trading on a secure and regulated platform.
A reliable and trustworthy broker
A range of market insights, news articles and outlooks at
your fingertips
Stay up to date with the markets
The ZFX demo account allows you to test out your strategies risk-free before you invest.
Keep practising your trading skills
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Trustable Broker
Fast deposit and withdrawals transaction, responsive when it comes to customer support and have a diverse list of assets which makes it suitable to trade almost anything you wan
Trustable Broker
1 Review
Hassan Aziz
ZFX customer service gives fast and relevant answers. They can be contacted in several languages. I can use a lot of tools, including a demo account and live account. Account opening is fast and fully digital.
Friendly Interface
1 Review
Lucious Lyon
ZFX is one of my favorite trading companies, deposits and withdrawals are fast and convenient, and when I encounter problems, the service of ZFX customer service is very good!
ZFX is one of my favorite trading…
1 Review
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